How do I know I’m getting credit for the articles I’m reading?
When the Chrome extension detects an article it displays the comment counter over the extension icon. Click on the extension icon and you should see the article details along with your progress.

How do I claim my pizza?
We’ll reach out to you within 24 hours of your win in order to make arrangements.

What kind of pizza do I get?
Winning the challenge gets you $15 towards the pizza of your choice. We can either send you an e-gift certificate for a major pizza chain or make arrangements with your favorite local pizza place.

How do articles end up on the homepage?
Only two things impact the algorithm that sorts our homepage: reads and comments. When our community is reading a particular article, it rises. Similarly, commenting on articles pushes them up on the homepage. Each day, the highest ranked article is crowned “Article of the Day” and it gets a little trophy to keep forever.

Can I “submit” an article?
YES. Please do! The “submission” process is simple - just read and comment on something. Since there can’t be multiple conversation threads about the same article, to “submit” an article is basically just to be the first one to comment on it. When you do, it will pop up to the homepage for everyone to see!

What is the Reading List?
Your Reading List is private, nobody else can see it. Star articles to add them to your Reading List.

How do you prevent people from cheating?
Our software is sophisticated. It won’t give you credit for skipping or skimming.

Can I use my phone?
Soon! We’re releasing a mobile app in March. In the meantime, you have to use Chrome on Mac or PC to get credit for really reading. However, once you get credit, you can comment from any device, including mobile.

What does “beta” mean?
It means that this is a big experiment and we want your feedback!

How do you make money?
We don’t yet. But, we have plans to build some cool tools for publishers, to help them i

What if I have another question?
Email us: